Love Notes from Our Business Owners


Jass testi            I feel confident that this training is well worth my time & resources…

So excited to start this journey into Purpose & Profit with the other entrepreneurs & coaches involved. It’s refreshing to meet such beautifully spirited & savvy women with the same motivation to succeed. I feel confident that this training is well worth my time & resources & that the leaders have my best interest at heart. Especially, given that that they’re providing a great value for so much info but also different aspects of business on a different level than what you get anywhere else. It’s not to late to get on board with this great program!

~ Jassminn Nakia

tequila  round1These Coaches really have our best interest at heart. 

Since I met Jennifer & Quandra and test driving this program,  I have taken control of my finances, written the first chapter in my book, and have been networking with like minded people (and the class hasn’t EVEN started yet)! I’m telling you it works, but only if you are serious about making changes. I cant wait to start working towards my goals utilizing the full Purpose & Profit Boot-Camp Program! These Coaches really have our best interest at heart. They offer more VALUE for the buck. I strongly encourage anyone who is an aspiring entrepreneur to enroll, NOW!!!!!

~ Tequila Jones, CEO of Mane Tame Salon


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Who We Are


Jennifer Wilkes is a 2x Best-Selling author and highly recommended speaker and communication coach. She has been featured on national radio programs, blogs, and local Georgia magazines for her powerful methods that transform businesses for long-term success and stability.  Jennifer presents unique methods that have proven to enhance communication, organization, and leadership development for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses. Because of her direct yet refreshing approach, Jennifer has been endeared by her clients as “The COLD Coach”.

Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication, a Master of Arts in Communication and Leadership Studies, a Certificate in International Media (Italy), and Master Certificates in Leadership and Communication Management. She has diverse experience in various fields of communication including radio as an on-air talent, print and broadcast journalism, public relations, corporate communications, and international media.



Quandra is a co-author of Amazon’s Best-Selling book: 20 Beautiful Women, author of $10,000 in 10 months, and a Life & Money Strategist where she gives her clients the motivation & tools they need to not only master money but to go in business for themselves. Quandra has been a featured guest on Real Talk with Michael McFadden as well as The Hidden Cove Radio Show with Denita Austin.

Overcoming financial setbacks in Corporate America empowered her to began coaching on debt elimination strategies, money mastery, money creation and developing a “set for wealth” mindset. She is unsurpassed at breaking down life & money matters in a humorous yet logical way. Although she holds a bachelor’s in Political Science and an MBA, her messages come from the prestigious school of the Hard Knocks.