Will PPB teach me to take action?

tequila  round1Using this program I have took charge of my finances, written the first chapter in my book, and have been networking with like minded people! I’m telling you it works, but only if you are serious about making changes.   ~Tequila Jones

I am having trouble getting my business out of my head and down on paper. Can the PPB program help me?
What if I don't have a business yet or my business is brand spanking new one?

You are thinking the timing may not be right as you are new to business. There is a little hesitation because you are wondering if you should wait until you are more established to join the PPB. The timing is actually PERFECT because you start off on the right foot instead of having to backtrack! There will be others around you starting businesses without these foundations and they will be floundering. Meanwhile, you will be clear and deliberate.

How is PPB different from other online Programs?

Awesome question! While there is an abundance of reasons we can give you as to what sets us apart from other programs, we’ll keep it short and sweet! 

(1) Unlike most programs, the PPB isn’t all “fluff”. We do not religiously cram the “YOU CAN DO IT” workshops down your throat without anything backing it. While we are your biggest cheerleaders screaming you can do it, we also give you the HOW to do it as well as the gentle nudge to GO. DO. IT. 

(2) There is no other program out there that is willing to give you full access to the knowledge, experience, and resources of 2 coaches in one setting for such a reasonable price. We decided to partner together to create the PPB so you could master the Inner Work of wealth AND the Outer Work of Wealth.  Jennifer Wilkes specializes in

(3) This program shows you that you don’t have to be all business and serious to be successful. We purposely designed your online program to be nothing like the dry, boring and cookie cutter classes on the campuses of your traditional colleges and universities. In addition, we teach you how to monetize that which makes you different from everyone else so you can build a fun-loving and brag worthy business. 

How Much is the Program?

The investment for the program is 10 monthly payments of $200. People on our wait-list receive 1 month FREE admission. 

Is the program worth the investment?

If I may, I’d like to offer a little perspective for you on this matter. This is Quandra (by the way) and I want to speak to your inner hustler. You know that part of you that instinctively knows what you want, exactly how to go about getting it and has lost all terror of the opposition that stands in your way. Yea, her. She is one BAD b!tch. And that’s bad meaning good not bad meaning bad lol. I want to talk to her because she knows that what I am about to say is the absolute truth.

Getting your MBA (and just about any higher learning degree) will be far more expensive, more time consuming, and more than likely it won’t be directly applicable to creating your dream business. Contrary to what you may have been taught, the world has come to the point where traditional education won’t always lead you to wealth. I’ve learned that to be successful you must start monetizing YOU. I have a BA as well as an MBA and I am not ashamed to say that it was not until I hired a coach, paid for business programs similar to this one, and went into business for myself that I started making serious money and living life on my terms. 

What if I don't have time?

No time huh? Let us share a lesson that we learned a while ago about time. Everyone has the same 86,400 secs in a day. Its what you decide to do with yours that counts but even if you have already structured your life around your day job, kids, and the latest reality TV show we still wanted to make things super easy for you.

The Purpose and Profit Boot-Camp is strategically laid out for you to be able to move at your own pace while still receiving the focused attention you need in any area. We have intentionally made the videos short and to the point to accommodate your busy lifestyle. You’d be surprised how logging in your program 20 minutes here and 20 minutes there can add up to an amazing business in the long run! And to put the cherry on top, before you even dive into week one we assist you in organizing the class around your busy life with an editorial calendar. Uh huh! Come on and just admit it. We got your back. :mrgreen: 

I feel overwhelmed with not knowing what business idea to pursue first. Can this program help?

You probably have a bazillion money making ideas going through your head a day about your business. Up until this point you have been experimenting with your business since you have been unfocused and not really sure about what part to work on first. You are unsure of what to delete, what to delegate, and what to prioritize. Having the tools to focus your mind around your business will free up mental space so you can get back to being creative and making sales. Our entrepreneurship boot-camp shows you the entire business framework in action, we show you exactly where to start or where to go next, and we give you the systems to put everything in place- and that’s huge.




What if I don't feel confident?

Lack of confidence is perfectly normal when you are operating outside of your comfort zone. It can make you feel inadequate when you believe you do not know enough on a certain topic. In fact, it is not until you receive a certain amount of information and teach it to others that you start to feel confident on any subject. And that is where the PPB comes in. We will take you from thinking “Who would want to buy anything from me?” to “I better get going because someone out there needs my help!”

You will feel MUCH more secure knowing that you have the tools to create the type of lifestyle that you desire for yourself and your family. The boot-camp will equip you with the ability to sell, market and be exactly who you are. So don’t worry about doubting yourself, we’ll show you that your instincts are good and that you are on the right track.